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The Vignato family is honored to have cooperated with the US ARMY-SETAF since 1957, when our father Giovanni Vignato joined the prestigious DENTAL CLINIC as a dental technician.

He collaborated for 15 years with US officials, who honored the American army and orthodontics. Many of them, as well as their children, became our friends and every year we have the chance to share happy moments together. This is the reason why we cooperate with soldiers and civilians from the Ederle Army Base. We are grateful to the American army for the chance given us to study and become front rank orthodontists, able to follow the high American orthodontic standards.

The service we provide to soldiers and civilians from the Ederle Base is based on a relationship of trust and on the guarantee of our job. In our dental office you will find a safe environment and a staff who can speak English and German.

Prevention is very important and is carried out through three phases:

– a frequent oral hygiene

– teaching patients to take care of their teeth

– the continuous scientific research.

Besides general orthodontics, the Dentisti Vignato Clinic is provided with two operating rooms for implants and a space dedicated to orthodontics and pedodontics, especially for children. The dental Clinic is managed by Costantino and Giuseppe Vignato and has a team capable of solving any problem of modern orthodontics. The secretaries are able to manage all your appointments and procedures of insurance refunds.

The Dentisti Vignato Clinic is in downtown Vicenza – city famous for the buildings of the architect Andrea Palladio – and is easy to reach both by car and by public transport.

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