In Action!

This is the motto which Costantino and Giuseppe Vignato have been following since 1957, when their father Giovanni Vignato became part of the exclusive Dental Clinic team, a group of dental technicians of the Vicenza SETAF (South European Task Force).

Passion and research have become fundamental values of their job which they pass on every day to family members and coworkers of the Dentisti Vignato team.

Dentisti Vignato is a dental clinic led by Costantino and Giuseppe Vignato together with Leonella Caliari, the director of the Orthodontic Center, and represents an international reference reality in the prevention of oral pathologies and care of your smile.

Being in action means focusing on the Relationship between us professionals and patients who choose to come to our dental clinic.

We have therefore written an ethical code to be respected during our life and everyday practice. It develops into 8 key words with the word Action as suffix.

The Dentisti Vignato clinic is divided into two floors:

  • on the first one we find the following departments: dental filling, endodontics, aesthetic prosthetics and periodontal surgery;
  • the second floor hosts the children’s department with the departments of pedodontics and orthodontics, along with the operating rooms for the most important implantology interventions.

For those patients who need advice, but are not able to come to our dental office in person, we have created MYDENTALX-RAY, a convenient electronic service which allows us to analyze X-rays, pictures and implants and to give suggestions and recommend solutions to various types of dental problems.

Do not wait! Call our secretaries and come into action with us!