Doc Leo


ROOOAR ROOOAR is our magic word so be part of our herd!

I’m DOC LEO and I’m friends with all kids …especially the ones with very white teeth!
I’m doctor Leonella’s assistant and the two of us will involve you in fun and educational activities to teach you how to take care of your smile!

I founded a club, the DOC LEO CLUB, for all the teenagers under 14 being treated in our Orthodontic Center directed by Doctor Leonella Caliari. To be part of it you will need to pass 3 value tests which will make you a young brave lion cub!
You will then receive the exclusive card “Member of DOC LEO CLUB” and you will discover how it is possible to have fun at the dentist’s.

Give me your paw!

Ask our secretaries how to to be part of the DOC LEO CLUB and, once you are a member, you will receive our bracelet and have a smile like a king!

Watch the film about The first dental visit of DOC LEO at the Orthodontic Center


I am friends with kids and Doc Leo is my name,

perfect smiles and white fangs are my aim.

Some loud ROOOARS in the jungle you will hear

if you join the club over here.

Wear the colored bracelet and give us your paw,

be part of the team and everyone your smile show.

I am Doc Leo’s friend and trusty assistant,

she will take care of your smile and make it resistant,

after the retainer your teeth will be bright

and in the SuperROOAR race you will win with your white!

She will teach her cubs how to use toothbrush, toothpaste and floss,

without acting like a boss,

the king-of-the jungle-smile is guaranteed

and any other bad smile will disappear, indeed.

It’s time to scream your ROOOAR out loud

and make Doc. Leo of you proud!